Sujata Koirala Attending the Gurkha Statue Unveiling Ceremony in the UK

Sujata Koirala Attending the Gurkha Statue Unveiling Ceremony in the UK

United Kingdom, 4th October 2015. 


Leader of the Nepali Congress Party and former DPM & Foreign Minister of Nepal, Hon. Sujata Koirala, on the invitation of the Gurkha Soldiers, attended a function as Special Chief Guest to mark the Statue Unveiling Ceremony of the Gurkha Memorial Statue & the celebration to mark the Gurkha’s 200 Years Service to the British Army in Kent, United Kingdom on 4th October 2015. 

On the occasion NC leader Koirala said that " Today's ceremony of unveiling the statue of the Gurkha Soldier marks a very special occasion and holds great significance for all of us as we commemorate the services and sacrifices given by the Gurkha Soldiers over the last 200 years". She further added that "Nepal and Britain are celebrating two very significant bicentennial anniversaries in Nepal-UK relationship, the recruitment and establishment of the Gurkha Brigade and 200 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Britain". Koirala also said that every Nepali is proud of the Gurkha Soldier and grateful for the positive image of duty and sacrifice given to Nepal and her people by the Gurkha Soldiers.

Former DPM/Foreign Minister and Parliamentarian Hon.  Sujata Koirala also shed light on current political situation in Nepal, explaining that Nepal's Peace Process initiated by her father, late Girija Prasad  Koirala, then Prime Minister and President of Nepali Congress Party, came to an logical end by the promulgation of the new Constitution in Nepal by over 90% of the peoples representatives of the Constituent Assembly as the per the people's mandate of People's Movement 2005-6 led by NC leader late GP Koirala. She thanked the British government and the people of Britain for their support and goodwill and wished for closer ties in the future. She also expressed her appreciation for the help during the rescue and relief operations after the devastating earthquake of April 25 & 12 May 2015.

She invited British entrepreneurs and business leaders to invest in Nepal in hydropower, agriculture, tourism and other infrastructure development projects as the New Constitution guarantees safeties for such foreign investments in the country. With Nepal's unique geographical position of being between two economic giants China and India investors can benefit.