Hon. SujataKoirala, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal, at the International Summit Council for Peace Asia Pacific Webinar on June 29, 2020.



Rebuilding and Renewing our Nations in the Post-Covid 19 World: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen!



It is an honor to be given the chance to speak in front of such a distinguished audience. I would like to thank the International Summit Council for Peace for preparing a platform for discourse, especially at this critical time. I would like to acknowledge Universal Peace Federation for its worldwide humanitarian work, helping marginalized sectors and empowering women and children, paving the way for world peace. I am certain that this summit webinar will bring forth various ideas and concepts that will help us in achieving our common objectives.


As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on healthcare, the economy, and society. Nepal has been working hard in order to protect its citizens and although the number of infections is rising, so far the mortality rate is significantly low. And I would like to take a moment to remember and appreciate the contributions of everyone involved in the fight against this pandemic, including law-abiding citizens, security personnel, government authorities and especially the healthcare workers that have been at the forefront of this war and proven themselves to be valiant warriors.


I also wish to extend my warm greetings to Nepalese all over the world. It is a difficult time to live away from our family and home, and I pray for their safety and good health.


It is important to recognize that some sectors of the society are more vulnerable than others. This includes those who are impoverished, senior citizens, and women and children. There have been reported cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse and poorly managed quarantine facilities, and I urge the Government of Nepal to up its efforts in addressing these serious issues. Women play a crucial role in our families, as well as in our society, and the societal impacts of the pandemic is worrisome. Aside from this, a big percentage of health workers are women which places them in the frontlines.  Although this is the state of women amidst the pandemic, women have not neglected their roles in the society and are still showing resilience.




The current crisis exposed the vulnerabilities and fragilities of the world we have created for ourselves, and this exposure should awaken our senses and inspire us to build a stronger, more robust world that will be able to provide us better security and protection against any similar crises in the future. A world of such calibre can be built only if we unite together and share love and compassion for each other regardless of our gender, age, class, race and religion. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall,” we need to strive for unity and collaboration in all spheres of life. It is through interdependence, mutual collaboration, and peaceful coexistence that we will be able to rebuild our nations after the COVID-19 crisis and drive it forward to the path of mutual prosperity for all.


On the bright side, the COVID-19 crisis also highlighted the capabilities and strengths of women. Women across the globe proved that they can successfully lead through any situations if given the opportunities. And this is a belief that Mother Moon has held so dearly all her life.

The teachings and philosophies of UPF have stood the test of time and will continue to be relevant and pertinent for generations to come.


Thank you.

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