Sujata Koirala is a Member of the Governing Council of Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CAPDI).

The Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CAPDI) is perhaps the only organization in the Asia Pacific, and may be in the world, that brings together political parties and civil society organizations which are often in tension or conflict under roof in a common house. Among CAPDI’s member groupings are people’s organizations, think tanks, academe, eminent persons, interfaith organizations, business leaders, media, women and youth organizations. CAPDI aims to channel and harness the forces and power of public opinion and Track II diplomacy in helping resolve conflicts and tensions between and among states, promoting good governance, fighting corruption, poverty and extremism, the empowerment of youth, women and minority groups, protection of human rights, strengthening of democracy and the rule of law, and fighting climate change and environment degradation.

Vision of CAPDI

•    To provide a venue where Government Leaders, Eminent Persons, members of the Academe, members of Media, Political Parties and Civil Society Leaders can discuss issues and share ideas in an effort to promote human dignity within an environment that rejects all forms of violence while respecting the rule of law and each other’s cultural and religious traditions.

Mission of CAPDI

•    To promote and support all efforts for peace and reconciliation in the Asia Pacific region and to engage all sectors of society in the battle against climate change.

For more Information, visit the official website of CAPDI:

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