Remarks at ICAPP Standing Committee in Kathmandu on October 14, 2023.

Hon. Chung Eui-yong,

Chairman of the
ICAPP Standing Committee and former Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Republic of Korea,
Standing Committee members of ICAPP,
Distinguished guests and delegates from different countries from Asia and Europe,
Ladies and gentlemen,

At the outset, let me extend a warm welcome  to the distinguished delegates from across the Asia Europe Political Forum of ICAPP. Your presence here symbolizes the importance of collaboration and understanding among the political parties between our two continents.

As we all know, ICAPP over the years has worked as an open forum for engaging in meaningful dialogues, enhancing diplomatic exchanges and promote better understanding of our shared objectives among countries across the two continents.  The exchanges and collaborations among the leaders and representatives present here hold the power to generate far-reaching impacts, transcending the boundaries of this room. These effects, I believe, shall reverberate through the lives and destinies of hundreds of millions across the continents.

Today, we stand at a critical juncture in global affairs. Geopolitical tensions are on the rise in Asia and Europe. The Ukraine conflict and outbreak of violence in the Middle East are matters of serious concerns.  These challenges are further compounded by challenges such as climate change, growing economic disparities, multiplying security threats, humanitarian concerns, and lingering post-pandemic economic effects. Transnational challenges are “problems without passports” which require us to come together, work together to address them, leveraging our collective wisdom and resources, and finding sustainable and inclusive solutions. Through constructive dialogue, collaboration and cooperation, we can harness the immense potential that lies within our diverse nations to navigate these challenges.

We have programs to engage in a series of interactive sessions, and panel discussions. These sessions will examine the multifaceted dimensions of our partnership, ranging from political, economic, and cultural collaboration and cooperation to matters of security and environmental sustainability. The invaluable insights exchanged and the bonds forged during these events, I am sure, will serve as the bedrock for our unified endeavors and tangible achievements in the years to come.

I am sure that each and every one of you will actively participate, share your insights, and engage in frank and open discussions. It is through such exchanges that help us move from rhetoric and style towards pragmatism and substance, creating a lasting impact on the key issues affecting Asia-Europe partnership.  I am confident that your invaluable contributions will significantly enrich our future deliberations.


Once again, I extend my warmest welcome to leaders, representatives,  delegates and participants to this Forum in Nepal. Let us seize this opportunity to foster stronger partnerships, build bridges of understanding, and pave the way for a brighter future together. May our discussions be productive and fruitful, leading to concrete action that will benefit the people of both Asia and Europe initiated by ICAPP.

Thank you so much !

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