After the Constitution Peace and Prosperity

Leader of Nepali Congress and former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala particularly stressed on the need to forge ahead by writing a democratic Constitution which is suitable to the country and accepted by all.

At a tea program and exchange of greetings on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar, Chhat and Nepal Sambat held in Biratnagar, Koirala, who is also the chief of Nepali Congress foreign department noted that the country will head towards peace and prosperity only after the establishment of democratic Constitution and advised all the parties to issue the Constitution on the basis of consensus.

She expressed her greetings to all the participants and the people of the country and reminded the wishes of Girija Babu to establish peace and Constitution as early as possible since the country has already entered into democracy. She expressed her opinion that the country was still in the phase of fulfilling the wishes of Girija Babu thus there is a need to establish the Constitution as soon as possible.

She added that the agreement to issue the Constitution by Magh 8 is obligatory and if there is no consensus by then, the Constitution must be issued by setting aside the debatable topics to be addressed later. And, if there is no consensus on this as well, then the Constitution must be issued through majority voting process.

Reminding the participants that democracy was established in Nepal through the sacrifice and dynamism of Girija Babu, she alerted the political parties to incorporate Girija Babu’s path of collaboration and unity through consensus. The Koirala residency in Biratnagar was the center of people’s gathering because of the program.

A significant number of participants representing various sectors, all the politicians of the eastern region, intellectuals, civil society, journalists and local residents attended the tea and exchange of greetings program. Biratnagar was filled with musical environment all day because of the dances and other programs performed by the participants.

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