Constitution Development through Majority if no Consensus


After the attempts to develop the Constitution since a long period of time, the parties have finally started the process. The Constitution development process was constantly obstructed due to lack of consensus among a minority of parties although much time was spent on the name of coming into consensus. Congress leader Sujata Koirala said that the parties have been successful in taking the Constitution development towards through majority process considering the people’s needs and wishes. Koirala said that this is a democratic method and process “The democratic process has been initiated from Sunday”. Along with presentation of the questionnaire committee report by the Speaker of the House, the Constitution development has been started through democratic process which is a positive sign for the country and its people. Leader Koirala said that this process has helped raise hopes among the people dispelling the frustration that was observed among the people during the last constituent assembly. Leader Koirala said that although the Constitution development has gone for democratic process, the door for consensus among parties will always be open.

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