Koriala Emphasizes the Need to Deliver the Constitution on Time


Leader of Nepali Congress and former Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala said that Prime Minister Sushil Koriala is making an all out effort to deliver the Constitution within the stipulated time frame. She expressed this in an inauguration program of Shyamkrishna Building under the Community Natural Medical in Rajahar, Nawalparasi. Leader Koirala opined that the Democratic Constitution must be developed as early as possible for which the Prime Minister is also putting all his efforts to deliver the Constitution on time.

Koirala stressed on the need to deliver the Constitution during the tenure of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. She said that the Nepali Congress is committed to the well-being of the country and claimed that the party will work as per the feelings and the needs of the people. Leader Koirala, who has also upheld the portfolio of Chief of Foreign Department of the Congress, informed that the first priority of the party is to develop the Constitution and the country will then move towards development after the delivery of the Constitution.

Leader Koirala added that the PTA with India was a significant achievement for the country. The bilateral hydro agreement holds much importance at a time when the country has reached the importance because of the numerous natural resources within the country. Along with the PTA, agreement has also been made to sell the produced energy within the SAARC countries which will promote energy trade and pave the way for rapid development. Koirala said that these agreements and developments will bring a huge transformation within the country.

In another context, leader Koirala said that the construction of international airports in Pokhara and Lumbini will significantly promote Nepal’s tourism sector. She opined that these developments will decrease the number of youth going for foreign employment in the present situation where many youth are going abroad on a daily basis.

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