Leader Koirala Extends New Year Wishes

Nepali Congress leader and chief of the party’s foreign department, Sujata Koirala, has extended her best wishes for peace, happiness and prosperity on the occasion of the new year 2071 to all the Nepalese living inside and outside the country.

Leader Koirala also wished for the successful completion of the constitution drafting process within the year. Koirala, who is also a former deputy prime minister, wished that the parties could accomplish all the remaining tasks related to the peace process those were initiated by Nepali Congress’ former president late Girija Prasad Koirala.

She also wished that the New Year would usher in an inspiration to all to adopt the path of unity, consensus and collaboration in the upcoming days. Citing that the Nepali citizens have been longing for peace and development, leader Koirala stressed on the need of a mutual commitment in this regard. She wished that the new year 2071 would prove to be a starting point for the country’s economic development. She wished that the year would turn out to be a historic one by institutionalizing democracy and republicanism in the country.

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