Legendry Leader GP Koirala Remembered

BIRATNAGAR, March 21. Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala has attended two separate functions at Sunsari and Morang to commemorate the fourth memorial day of former Prime Minister and Congress President late Girija Prasad Koirala.

Leader Sujata took part at a program held in Koirala residence in Biratnagar organized by GP Koirala Foundation for Democracy, Peace and Development Morang amid a presence of hundreds of cadres and Congress central working committee members. Speakers at the program highlighted the personality of late leader Koirala.

Leader Sujata said that the walking on the direction as shown by the late GP Koirala can only ensure the democratic constitution within a year. “Late leader GP Koirala was always ready to put his life at stake for the sake of democracy. The need of the hour is to abide by his principles and ideals to promulgate the new democratic constitution within a year,” said Sujata, speaking at the gathering in Koirala Residence to pay the tribute to GP Koirala.

Leader Sujata, who is also the chairperson of GP Koirala Foundation, also announced that she would begin the development works along with promoting the GP Koirala’s principles and ideals in rural parts of Nepal under the banner of foundation. “He is great leader not only to us, but he is also revered by the opposition parties and their leaders for his qualities and magnanimity that a leader should possess,” she added. Stating that GP Koirala was always interested on opening a think-thank in the country, she said: “GP Koirala was established in line with his interest and the foundation will work toward materializing the vision of legendary leader toward establishing Nepal as peaceful and democratic nation.”

Also speaking at the event, Congress organizational department chief Ananda Prasad Dhungana said that the country will get the new constitution within a year under the leadership of Congress. “There is no alternative to the parties for promulgating new constitution within a year,” he asserted. “Since Nepali people share the feeling and beliefs of leader GP Koirala, Nepali Congress would not compromise with any party to ensure the rights of the people,” he added. Stating that it was GP Koirala who also brought the then rebel party CPN-Maoist to the mainstream of politics and proved that ideology is superior to arms, Nepali Congress will now fulfill the desire of legendary leader of drafting new democratic constitution through Constituent Assembly within a year.

Also speaking in the event were Congress central working committee members Badri Pandey, Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Dipak Giri, former ambassador Suresh Raj Chalise, Congress leaders Purushottam Basnet and Ram Chandra Pokhrel, Congress Morang district president and CA member Amrit Aryal, Congress Siraha President and CA member Bhutani Devi Khawas and Kavita Sardar, among others.

The speakers have lauded the contribution of GP Koirala for safeguarding democracy and initiating peace process in the country by bringing the rebel Maoists into the mainstream peaceful politics.

Earlier, Congress leader Sujata Koirala has also taken part at the program organized by Congress sister organization Nepal Farmers’ Association and Nepal Democratic Senani Association in Itahari in Sunsaru to mark the fourth memorial day of GP Koirala. Speaking at the event, she urged the Congressmen to take the charge of leading the country toward the path of peace and development as envisioned by GP Koirala.

Saying that late GP Koirala was recognized in the international front above the party and country level, she opined that one and all should work together wholeheartedly to fulfill his desire of meeting the aspirations of peoples. Congress Sunsari president Rajiv Koirala along with other district leader recalled the personality of the legendary leader. During the program, local party committees have felicitated leader Sujata.

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