NC may Plunge into Trouble due to Factionalism, Says Leader Koirala

Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala has said that the Nepali Congress has been drawn into a serious trouble as the party has been marred by different forms of factionalism in the recent days.

She made such a remark while inaugurating the sixth district level convention of the Nepal Civil Servants Union in Sunsari’s Inaruwa. She warned that the Nepali Congress would eventually collapse if it isn’t subjected to a proper reformation and unification by doing away with the forces indulged in factionalism inside the party.

She added that the party’s leadership has been rendered a failure owing to the trivial skirmishes and that the leadership should be made aware regarding the scenario.

Meanwhile, Lawmaker Kamala Panta stressed on the need of holding the local level elections at the earliest, citing that the local level representatives are necessary for the institutional development of democracy in the country. The employees who’d completed their service terms were felicitated during the program.

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