Nepali Congress should Lead the Nation by Unifying all the Nepalese

In a program organized by Nepali Congress Kathmandu- Morang liaison office last Thursday to honor the newly elected members of the Constituent Assembly, the leader of the Nepalese Congress Party, Hon.Ms Sujata Koirala said that the Nepali Congress should lead the nation by unifying all the Nepalese people in a present complex political situation. She further added that “even though we are heading towards the formation of a majority government, Nepali Congress should stress on moving ahead with consensus with all the political parties of Nepal for which intra party unity is very essential”.

Ms Koirala, who has become a member of the Constituent Assembly, stressed on following the political road map of Girija Babu by adopting the principles of consensus, coordination and unity among all the political parties. She also said that “even though it is not easy to eradicate the influence of mafia and corruption in all the Government institutions, the corruption has become a national disease which is going to be one of the biggest challenges for the new government” but added “it is not easy to break the mafia network and corruption, for which a very strong political will and leadership is required”.

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