On the 59th Year of Diplomatic Relationship between Nepal and China

1st August 2014

On the occasion of establishment of 59th year of diplomatic relationship between Nepal and People’s Republic of China, Hon. Sujata Koirala expressed that China is a great friend in our northern border with one of the oldest human civilization and rich heritage. Leader Koirala added that “our relationship has long history, spanning since ancient time, and our formal diplomatic relationship was established on August 1, 1955 on the basis of five principles known as Panchashila and further said that the first Prime Minister in parliamentary system B.P. Koirala visited China in 1960. Soon after, Chinese Prime Minister Zhao En Lai also visited Nepal for the historic “Peace and Friendship” treaty between two countries. There have been several high level exchanges of visit between two countries over the years. Leader Sujata Koirala informed that former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala visited China in 1992-93 and in 1995, which clearly indicated the best of personnel as well as excellent relationship between Nepali Congress and Chinese Communist Party. Nepal firmly believes in One China Policy and Nepal will not allow its soil to be used against anti China activities. She also mentioned that she had the opportunity of visiting China several times during Girija Babu’s time and after too and that she got a “very good impression of China and Chinese people, especially for their hard work to raise the economic state of their country”.

Parliamentarian Koirala further added “China has achieved tremendous progress after the introduction of reform initiated by the paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping. He was not obsessed with mere ideology”. Leader Sujata Koirala also recalled famous remark made by Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping by quoting his words “it doesn’t matter whether the cat is white or black as long as it kills the rat” and added that we too can learn much in Nepal from the experiences of Chinese people. Nepal too needs to be united on the question of national development instead of getting lost into ideological wrangles like socialism and communism. We need vision and unity to raise the quality of our people and to achieve the desired economic development. History and time makes the judgments, as late Prithivi Narayan Shah used to say Nepal is “yam between two stones” but as time passed and new leadership emerged in the country, late B.P Koirala redefined Nepal’s geopolitical position as ”boat in between two giant elephant” but as we entered the 21st century, the century of Asia’s economic development, our visionary leader Late Girija Babu saw it very differently than others in the past and would say that Nepal is situated between two gold mines, by way of referring to India and China in whom Girija babu saw the future of prosperous Nepal. In fact we should utilize our situation of being in between of two countries with remarkable economic growth and modern development. Hon. Sujata also expressed that the visit of Indian PM to Nepal will also pave way for Trans-Himalayan region cooperation, including Nepal, China, and India for the common goal of prosperity.

She also informed that recently in the BRICS summit held in Brazil, China has come up with a proposal of opening a bank that will further begin the flow of capital needed to the development of this region. China believes in the peaceful development and cordial relationship with its neighboring countries. Hon. Sujata added that, interestingly one time ruler of Europe Emperor Napoleon said that China is sleeping Tiger and the animal will gulp all when it wakes up. But Chinese President Xi Jin Ping recently assured that frightened nations of Europe during his fresh trip by stating “Yes! We are no more slumber now but shall not harm any nations. We have awakened for peace, stability and development”. She further recalled that the many years ago Cinema halls worldwide were showing a movie called “ Last Emperor of China” and after watching the movie, she got so excited to see China herself, made her go to Beijing herself later. The movie was very popular in Europe and America.

Former DPM/ Foreign Minister Koirala said “on this day, I would like to congratulate Nepal and Chinese people for their enduring relations with no irritants. I hope in future we will have more understanding and cooperation between us. We are in 21st century, the century of technology and thanked the organizer Nepal China Society for inviting on such important day between China and Nepal. I wish all the best of Nepal and China”.

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