Sujata Koirala Visits Sindhupalchowk Landslide Victims

10 August 2014


Nepali Congress Leader Sujata Koirala has stressed that the landslide in Sindhupalchowk cannot be managed only through the presence of the Nepali army and that they need support. Leader Koirala expressed this opinion after she went for an observation visit of the landslide site in Sindhupalchowk and for relief distribution. According to her, there have been a lot of damages after a hill fell down and it is not possible for the army alone to conduct rescue operations all by themselves and open the roads. She urged the state to ask for support from neighboring countries since the Nepal Government resources will not be sufficient. Since India and China have already expressed their support, she stressed on the need to request for immediate support to solve the problem. She also mentioned that the Nepali people will suffer more if goods cannot be transported since many of the big festivals are nearing. Koirala pointed out the need to get the attention of the government immediately. She noted that if the state is not able to manage the problem, there is a possibility of an epidemic spreading since there are many dead bodies buried by the landslide. Ms Koirala assured the victims that she would provide continuous support that she could.

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