There is Hesitancy even within Congress: Koirala

Dolkha, Falgun 29

Leader of Nepali Congress Sujata Koirala has accused that some individuals within the Congress are hesitant in writing the Constitution because of the fear that Prime Minister and party chair Sushil Koirala will be in a stronger position if the Constitution is drafted.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Tarun Martyr Hemanta Memorial Free Coaching Class organized by Nepal Student Union Charikot, Dolakha, she said that the Constitution writing has been delayed because of the inter-conflict within the Congress Party.

Leader Koirala said that if the Constitution is drafted while Sushil Koirala is the Prime Minister, it is definite that he will be elected as the chair of the party in the upcoming conference. Therefore, there are individuals in the Congress party who are actively trying the obstruct the Constitution writing.

She opined that the Constitution should be developed through the process if it becomes clear that 100 percent consensus is not possible.

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