There should be Equal Representation of Women in All Bodies of the State: Leader Koirala

Kathmandu, 24 Falgun

Leader of Nepali Congress Sujata Koirala said that there should be guarantee of equal representation of women in all bodies of the state. Expressing her best wishes to Nepali women inside Nepal and residing abroad on the occasion of the 105th International Labor Women’s Day, she stressed on the need to end all forms of discrimination between men and women and a respectful presence of women in the decision making level of the state. Leader Koirala, who has already fulfilled the responsibility of Deputy Prime Minister, said that there is lack of required presence of women in the decision making level of politics and stressed that important positions such as Prime Minister and President should also have women representation. She added that historical movements during various time in Nepal were only successful because of women’s participation. Therefore, it is impossible to take the present peace process to a conclusive decision and to develop the Constitution without the participation of women. Leader Koirala opined that decisions through important meetings must be made through the participation of women. She said that both women and men should have equal rights in citizenship and there should be no discrimination on the bases of gender. Leader Koirala said that it is the fundamental right for a person to get the citizenship after being born.

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