Tibetan Hospital visit

Chairperson of GP Koirala Foundation and former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Madam Sujata Koirala completed a visit of Tibetan Hospital of QINGHAI in HAINAN TIBETAN AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE China from 31st October to 6th November 2017 as Madam Koirala was invited by QINGHAI PROVINCIAC GOVERNMENT of CHINA. On the occasion, Madam Koirala visited several hospitals and also met with vice Governor and Health Minister of Qinchai province. On the occasion, Madam Koirala, visited Qinchai Lake also.

After Madam Koirala was back to Qining from Qinchai, she attended meeting with medical Collage leaders and also visited Medical Collage of TIBETAN Traditional and Great Thanka Museum. During the visit, Madam Koirala also met with Government people, Health Minister and Leaders.

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