Timely Constitution for Peace and Stability: Leader Koirala

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Foreign Affairs Sujata Koirala particularly stressed on the need to formulate the Constitution within the deadline for sustainable peace and political stability in the country.

She reiterated that there is no option except to formulate the Constitution within the stipulated time as committed by the political parties to the people to save the country from political disaster and instability.

Talking to journalists in GP Koirala Foundation, Biratnagar, leader Koirala said that the Constitution must be formulated as far as possible through consensus, even by keeping aside the issues that are still under debate and if this is not possible then democratic methods and processes must be adopted to formulate the Constitution.

Leader Koirala was of the opinion that there will be instability in the country if the Constitution is not delivered within the deadline. She reminded the United Maoists and the Madhesi parties not to forget the commitment made to the people.

She said that the people in the villages want development and there has been a long delay in fulfilling the needs of the people. Therefore, she suggested that the government and the political parties should focus on development activities after formulating the Constitution.

On the same occasion, leader Koirala distributed one thousand tube wells for safe drinking water to the people of 18 VDCs of area no. 1 and 4 of Morang District. The tube wells were distributed through the support of China Foundation for Peace and Development and GP Koirala Foundation for the welfare of the disadvantaged and poor people in the community.

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